Let’s hear it for….hill repetitions 


Blood pumping, Legs stomping, quads screaming, good.

Nothing tops a hill session for hauling yourself into shape. You warm up briefly. Just enough to get the system going. Not toooo much. Just warm.

You gaze up, look at your friend, enemy, ally and nemesis all rolled into one.

Then you get going, 1 rep? 5 reps? 10 reps? More? Go how you feel. You’re not paid for this sh*t. You’ve made the choice between sofa seated sedentary easy life and hill rollicking body boll*cking pain. We all know that particular pain is short lived. Some find out that it’s worth all the effort. Fewer still come back for more on a regular basis. They’re the ones who ride for years and still look in great shape.

The session finishes. Your tongue reverses back into your mouth. Your colour returns to normal. Victoria falls no longer cascades across your brow. You’ve forgotten about the pain already. But the good? All that wound up elastic in your propellers? It’ll be there.

Just when you need it.

Image above: Longwood Drive, Cardiff. Good for infinite short bursts.

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  1. Nice post 🙂 I have a 3-4 km hill near by. For years now, I test myself regularly to see how many climb (and descents) I can complete in an hour. It’s one of the best workouts I do.

  2. I promised myself “never again” when I stopped racing over 15 years ago. Then I did something stupid by entering the Tour of Flanders Sportive – and I have been riding a 10 hill route as a hill interval session on the way to work all winter.

    I hate those hill interval days but you are right, it has been the backbone of my fitness. For real suffering I recommend my version with full panniers and a heavy work bike – feels even better when you get back on a good bike.

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