Day off


I’m sitting in front of my computer with a cup of tea, a jar of bourbons and ‘Ride On’ by AC/DC playing in the background. The song is the choice of my Samsung. There’s no randomness in this selection I’m convinced, for my bike is behind me resting and my shoes lie idly, waiting.

It’s a rare day off. There’s always something on.


But today, the sun freed of its brief captor, the bike waits, the mountain waits. I wait. Time to take advantage. With Battle on the Beach on Sunday, it’ll be a brief foray. Enough to get the pulse racing and the blood pumping. But without obligation for a few hours, I’ve got that feeling again. The one I used to have in my early 20s, when mountain biking was fresh, components were anodised purple, bikes were simple, Ed Kuepper belted out of my tape player and all ties were loose (in every sense of the phrase). My overriding memory of that period was dry dusty mountain bike trails, endlessly. Time to reminisce methinks. On the trail.

Snippet below from Bunyip Dreaming. Music by Ed Kuepper. 

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