24 hours on the boards


So what’s your endurance threshold? How long do you reckon you could keep going on a bike? What if you stripped away all the complications of riding outside? The vehicles, junctions, obstacles and weather? What if you had access to a velodrome for 24 hours? How far would you go?

There’s a golden opportunity to find out.

‘The Wallich‘ – a Welsh charity working with vulnerable and homeless people across Wales – have launched a fundraising event that offers something genuinely different, demanding and alluring; a 24 hour team cycling event at the world class Newport Velodrome. Teams of 3 or 6 will take the to the track non-stop from Midday on May 14th to May 15th. Don’t worry about comfort breaks, eating or getting a little bit of rest, the rules merely insist that at least one rider from you team be on the track  at all times. So….How much can you do? And more importantly, how much could you raise? This really is a glorious opportunity to enjoy some proper track time while doing an awful lot of good…..

More details about the work of ‘The Wallich’ can be found here. Details of the event are below.

M A Y 1 4 T H 2 0 1 5 – M I D D A Y

Stills Cyclone 24 is a challenge of strength, determination and team spirit. 24 hours of cycling on the smooth boards in the hope of recording the furthest distance travelled. Whether you take on the challenge as a 3 or 6 (one person must be on the track at all times) we want to see just how far you can travel! Expect cheering, music and challenges throughout. Push your team and your own physical and mental ability to keep going. Stills Cyclone 24 is going to be an epic challenge with an unlimited potential mileage. The challenge is fully supported making sure you have everything you need so your team stays on track.

The clock starts ticking from midday on May 14th and the recorded laps will continue to climb until Midday on May 15th. If you fancy challenging yourself and think you’ve got what it takes to join us for this epic event contact kyle@stills.co.uk and together we can raise £30k to help fund lasting solutions to homelessness in Wales.

£ 1200 per team

Track Bikes
Track Training Certification
Participation Medal
Distance Measurement Tracker
Food, Drink and Supplements
Sports Masseuse

Contact steve@stills.co.uk.  Tel: 029 20353940

Download the poster for your workplace:  stills_cyclone24_wallich

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