Things you learn on a turbo trainer during a long session, whilst suffering with a cold


Yesterday I spent 1hr 40 mins on the turbo trainer.


This is the longest session I’ve completed on a turbo trainer since 1997, when I rather foolishly did 2hrs 45mins during a heavy snow. I sat with the garage door open, gazing at picture postcard scene for the entire time, with no other distractions (no screen, no music, zip) . I didn’t use the turbo again for 3 years.

Anyway…..back to 1hr 40 mins.

So… my planned ride of 4 hours was canned due to the onset of a cold. No point really pushing it, thought I, go to the garage, stick on the laptop, watch my newest training acquisition ‘Blender’ from the Sufferfest team and step off the turbo if I start feeling really lousy.

So…. I cracked on and did the whole bloody thing, my mind only occasionally wandering, but always taking notes. These are the things I learned from the experience and the footage on the screen:

1) 1hr 45 mins is not as bad as it sounds.

2) The speed at the start of an international cyclo-cross race is like watching the running of the bulls in Pamplona.

3) It is very odd seeing the name of somebody who used to join you on group rides, suddenly flash up on the screen (Luke Rowe, Team Sky).

4) Belgian cross courses are mean.

5) The running sections of Belgian cross courses are even meaner.

6) I prefer being outside.

7) I need more than one water bottle in the furnace of a turbo session.

8) During the recovery elements of the cyclo-cross section, fat tyre bikes are ridden over snow whilst accompanied by gorgeous ambient electronica. It is very relaxing. I want a fat tyre mountain bike. BADLY.

9) I really need to clear some cobwebs from the top of my garage.

10) Turbo is a very good alternative when you’re on the cusp of a chest infection. Going out in wet weather, stopping and starting, pulse racing, then dawdling; none of this will help you stave off illness. At least with the turbo you have the option to stop whenever you like and clamber straight into a hot bath.

The ‘Blender’ from Sufferfest. Very good. Recommended. Sblended in fact.

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