Speed v progress

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Speed. We all like a bit of that, don’t we? Getting there quickly, nipping about, being efficient with time. But there’s a ‘but’.

There’s always a ‘but’.

When I’m on my bike, it takes me just over 20 minutes to get to work. When I’m in the car, it also takes me just over 20 minutes to get to work. So I’m travelling at the same speed, right?

Not quite. 

I’m averaging the same speed, but  rarely am I travelling at the same speed. The high and low points at the outliers of my range are significantly different. This struck me, whilst reviewing these images that I took in London recently, images taken handheld with the ISO whacked up high, images that show static objects and people against tail lights like spectres.

Bikes spin quietly and drift easily. Constant steady progress towards a goal. Cars however, ebb and flow significantly. 5mph crawling in a queue, to 30 mph when the road opens up. And herein, lies the problem. That maximum speed of 30mph can make all the difference to the personal safety of those involved.

In the interest of safety for all, the riders in my city would like a 20mph speed limit enforced across the piece. I’m one of them. Care to join us?

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The details of Cardiff Cycle City can be found here. For more details about 20mph in Cardiff (and some nasty stats relevant to all) try here.

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  1. I’ve been very fortunate here in Edinburgh – which has committed to roll out a 20mph limit on many residential area streets throughout most of the city. Looking forward to it. shame then that they’ve back tracked on shared bus / cycle lanes – vying to phase them out to peak times only ….I’ll let you know how the Edinburgh 20mph system works out once it is in place…..

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