Cardiff of the future


Cardiff of the future (1 of 1)

In the future, Cardiff is under a weather dome, cars don’t use roads anymore and people use bikes. The stream is around the trees.

My daughter’s school set a task over the half term break. ‘Draw a picture that shows Cardiff in the future’. So she did. The notoriously flaky Welsh weather is no longer a problem under the protective weather dome. People can move around the city safely and more easily, as cars now take to the skies*. Houses and offices shoot upwards as more land is set aside for recreation and well being. The trees and stream are features of great importance.  People cycle everywhere.

Take note city planners. With the absolute clarity of the young mind, green space, road safety, wellbeing and recreation are given top priority; something progress and technology is arguably intended to do. For the time being, don’t worry about the weather dome, it sorts the flowers out nicely. But we’d certainly enjoy some extra safety and space.

*It’s a universal truth. Cars always take to the skies in vision of the future (look here and here and here and here).  Which rather implies that all futurologists see opportunities to improve the way that cars use space currently. There has to be something in that, surely?…..

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