The Tall bike commute


Now this is something I’d like to try. Commuting on a tall bike (though I would settle for just trying a tall bike). Can you imagine the views? Hedges wouldn’t pose a problem. Neither would cars; not even those giant Chelsea tractors ubiquitous for aspirational types. You could read the illuminated screen of a commuter’s kindle, high on the top deck of a municipal bus. Or exchange pleasantries with 1st floor office workers, swilling down a breakfast bagel with a mug of Costa Rican. Granted, my track record for crashing bikes may be an itsy witsy problem, but after enough practise and grazed knees, you would learn how to track stand at lights or clamber off gracefully. Are there pannier bag manufacturers that take full advantage of the potential bag length? I toil at the moment, with my books and cameras and sandwiches and swim kit. I would undeniably struggle, on the SMART bridge. But that’s one of life’s lessons, isn’t it? One always needs to plan one’s routes carefully.

The tall bike; an adventure in adventurism. The bohemian rider’s distant urban dream.

Smart bridge (1 of 1)


Commute in a car? Give the bike a go. Even a normal size one (especially a normal sized one). Then join in your community’s efforts to make the city a pleasant place to get around. Ours is Cardiff Cycle City.

‘Alan’ is by former Cardiff based artist, illustrator and print maker Sarah Edmonds. Examples of Sarah’s lovely work can be seen on her website here and purchased here.  Sarah is now based in Brighton. 


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