L’eroica 2015……very excited.


I’m feeling all….nostalgic……all……retro…….all…….excited. At long bloody last I’ve entered L’Eroica. Not the Italian version admittedly (the race that caught my eye all those years ago), but its very appealing British sister event.

Carlton (1 of 1)

Held over the weekend of 19th-21st June, there will be riding, camping, tea, lots of old bikes, lots of old caps, woollen jerseys , a snifter of brandy in the back pocket, Kendal mint cake, flats, hills, valleys and a long lie down after. I’ll be riding my vintage Carlton Corsa (above) and at the moment I’m on the look out for an ancient cycling helmet, the type that looks like a balloon twisting exercise.

balloon helmet

(When you’ve crashed as much as I have, you wear one of these)

Here’s the route through the Derbyshire Dales, that will see us stream through villages decked in bunting, to cheering crowds and vigorous cap waving, huge banners draped outside windows, held by excitable cycling fans shaking them wildly  (Maybe. This is Derbyshire after all 🙂 ).

Here are the various routes. I’ve plumped for the long ‘un.

Leroica Route

In the meantime, there’s Battle on the Beach, Paris-Roubaix and the Welsh Mountain Bike series to think about. I’ll be decked out in my standard JIF kit for those. To keep me in the mood however, I will be regularly finding – and posting – appropriate retro posters for inspiration. Here’s a beauty from the ’65 Vuelta.

Vuelta 65

L’Eroica is held over the weekend of the 19th-21st June 2014 in the Derbryshire Dales. Full details are here. Retro image of my Carlton, by the mechanic wot sorted it; Craig.

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