British National Cyclocross champs

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It was the UK national cyclo-cross champs yesterday. The fastest lads and lasses on knobbly tyres came to Abergavenny to engage in an almighty bun fight. Ian Field and Helen Wyman took top spots in the senior men’s and ladies race respectively, with equally dominant performances. I could write at length about the both races, but would simply not be able to add to this account by Andy Whitehouse on the BC website.

As for Welsh involvement, Stephen Roach did a superb job of making the pointier end live up to its name by securing 4th place after leading for a bit, while evergreen Tim Davies, after racing very strongly the day before (4th in V40 I think), placed just outside the top 10 in the senior, proving that those extra minutes come in handy when your’re an endurance monster like Tim. In the ladies, there was a strong showing from both Ffion James (3rd junior woman, 9th overall) and Ruby Miller (13th – Ruby’s a good friend of ours and it was great to see her back in the top flight).

I was there to help with the kids races, adding championship grade wigglyness to the course design alongside fellow Cardiff Jiffie and coach, Ian Jeremiah (and Welsh League ‘guvnor the ever present Liz Slater). Given the opportunity, I can also do a fine number in preventing ‘front row’ creep, the startlingly predictable endless inching of the front wheel over the start line. I adopt my most severe policeman’s pose, furrow my eyebrows and at regular intervals grumble ‘Oi, ’nuff of that, back lad, back‘.  Suffice to say, the kids had an absolute blast on fast conditions and a balanced yet testing (and tested) course. You should have seen their faces when they got to receive their winners medals on the BC podium. (bless).

For us Welshies, that’s it. Cross has been packed up in a crate and wheeled into the cycling warehouse until September. See you all then.

Top image: Helen Wyman takes the win in the senior ladies.  Well done Abergavenny RC for delivering a top notch weekend of championship racing. 

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