The bike beats all

2015-01-08 16.57.46

An admission.

Today is the first day back to………cycle commuting.

I know. I know. I know. In my defence, I’ve had little option. I’ve been flitting between South Wales factories, climbing valley sides and descending to valley floors. I’ve linked motorways with A roads and city centres to city limits. The whole time, my folder rattled around in the boot. A noisy reminder of the vehicle I’d like to use and a potent weapon for enhanced travel options.

But today was different. Human power beckoned. I gazed up at grumbling skies that carried liquid cargo, liberally spilling it through murky grey vessels. But it didn’t matter. Not one jot.

I climbed into overtrousers still carrying mud from the cross season. I fixed headlamp to handlebars and flashy red bulbs to a dark red rear. I span steadily on main road and leisurely on the trail. I watched broken branches surf the swollen Taff. I heard a late dawn chorus slowly awaken after relentless rains. I rode through the park in solitude to the distant hum of traffic. I arrived in work awake, aware, and renewed.

For me, the saccharin air-conditioned environs of a steel cage offers little to no competition. The bike beats all.

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