Events need helpers

Mountain view (1 of 1)

I love helping. Simple as that.

Being part of community.

Mucking in.

Being there to pick up the bits and pieces.

The bits that make it more enjoyable, manageable or doable for everyone else.

I’ve been involved in sport all of my life. For 38 of my 44 years, I’ve run with rugby balls, guarded my wicket, run around muddy fields, swum in ice cold lakes, kayaked along craggy coastlines or cycled over mountains. I love it and I’m very grateful to everyone who’s contributed in any small way.

But I also know that without all the referees, umpires, commisaires, coaches, timekeepers, lifeguards, course designers, marshalls, vehicle drivers, litter pickers, website managers, entry takers, number fetchers, first aiders and general I’ll-help-wherever-you-want-me-too types, then sport would never, ever happen.

So if you’re considering some New Year’s resolutions, can I be bold enough to suggest just an itsy, weeny, tiny one? Why not resolve to help* at one event next year in whatever capacity the organiser is most needy of? I can guarantee plenty of fun, a feelgood factor that’ll last for months and even if they never actually say it; a big thankyou from your fellow competitors.

Top image: Course recceing at Mountain View Ranch with Jon of Cardiff Cycle workshop

*And if you are already, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You’re one of an army of unsung heroes.

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