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Felt like a busman’s holiday. Or a busman’s sick day if you will. Unable to race on Sunday, but packing a bucket load of cleaning equipment, I spent my day pit-crewing and waiting for punters. It gave a whole other race perspective. The gurning faces of battle hardened competitors. The disappointment of retirees, the first of which punctured after only 30 seconds (we hoped it was a flat, but the staccato ‘ppfff’ of air after each blast from the track pump proved otherwise). The very impressive Johnny Pugh, legs spinning furiously, leading, then winning the race on a single-speed mountainbike (yes, honestly). My team-mates mud splattered and bloodied, chasing each other down (well…..it’s what mates do, isn’t it?). Sipping coffee with fellow pit hand John Nesham. Sharing several jokes with fellow grease monkeys* from rival teams.  I was in the pits for the U14-U16 and senior race, so a couple of hours all told and what a fine way to spend your Sunday; not  quite as good as racing, but a super alternative nonetheless. If you have a team-mate/friend/partner/loved one who races regularly, I can heartily recommend standing lending your support with a brush. Just one top tip – before holding out the bike for exchange, remember to check which side they mount and dismount from. Eh Donald?

Yesterday’s cross race was Round 9 of the Welsh Cyclo-cross league at Gilwern, Mounmouthshire

*I don’t really classify myself as a grease monkey. More a soapy water and lube monkey.

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