Bike theft: Some speedy community policing

Bike thief

Yesterday evening I was at a governors meeting at my daughter’s school (yes, I’m that kind of endlessly obligated goody two shoes). I rode there, turned up nice and early (6.30 for 7), locked up my bike in the bike shed (this one to be precise) and was enjoying a cup of coffee in the staffroom. There was a loud knock on the door.


Constable: We’ve had reports of a dodgy looking character interfering with a bike in the bike shed.

Headmaster: Ah. I think you need Simon.

Me: Hello.

Constable: It looks like somebody was messing with a bike in the bike shelter. They were wearing a black hat and carrying a torch.

Me: Would that somebody be wearing a black jacket with the black hat and carrying a very bright torch indeed? <grinning>

Constable: Yes <smiles>. And would your bike be red?

Me: Yes!

Constable: Really sorry. We like to take things seriously to be on the safe side.

Me: No problem at all and I’m really glad that you do.

Amazingly, the police were on the scene of the bike parking (makes a change not to be saying ‘bike theft’) in less than 10 minutes and whilst one officer checked with the school, another stood guard over my bike. In this day and age, when bike theft is absolutely ubiquitous and criticism of the police common, I was very impressed with both the speed and manner in which the police responded and the beady eyes of the Coryton community. Well done all.

Note to self – stop looking dodgy. Bike thief image via Opsaloft.

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      • As a rule John, it is generally frowned upon for school governors to practise Taekwondo moves on members of the public, particularly when those members of the public are themselves 🙂

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