After the event

After the event 1 (1 of 1)

Showers pass, night descends, bike waits. 

Bent double in the LED spotlight, the last of the muck is teased away.

Legs like lead. 

Back aches.

The breeze brings on a shiver. 


The afterglow is so very, very warm.

I can still remember every uphill grind, gripping handlebars, hoisting bike and straining muscles.

Rising into the sun, cloud, rain, trees, moor. The best and worst that Wales has to offer.

Climbing with friends, team mates, acquaintances, rivals, 

Peering over bars, eyes down, joints suspended.

Descending trail, tussock, rock, road.

Finishing to tea, cake, a pint, a meal. 

Stories swopped. Course critiqued, promises made.

All recalled. Hours later. Bent double in the LED spotlight, teasing away the last of the muck.

Many thanks to Matt Page and team for the superb Cross mountain event based in Llandovery Mid-Wales; an event designed for cyclo-cross or mountain bikes. We took the former, but wished for the latter. We’ll be back again.

Top and bottom image: During and after cleaning.

After the event 3 hig h res (1 of 1)




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