Inglorious mud


Mud bike 2 (1 of 1)

Mud. Mud. MUD. I don’t think I’ve ever spent so long cleaning bikes. There were 4 bikes to clean. One little Isla Bike. One big 29er. Two cyclo-cross bikes. All used in the muck and bullets of Carmarthen. First they had a jet wash (thanks Esso station). Lashings and lashings of concentrated water blasted the bikes for 10 minutes. Then they had a hose wash. Lashings and lashings of less concentrated water tickled the mud from jockey wheels, pedals and chainstays. Next they had a hand wash. Degreaser, PTFE, lube. Winkling the last of the mud out of nooks and crannies. Cleaning the brown film off the handlebar grip and the saddle. Restoring the chain to its semi-shiny glory. 50 minutes of racing for more than 2 hours of cleaning.


The next Welsh cyclo-cross league meet is in Brecon on Sunday the 26th of October 2014. (Image above – not my bike. But you get the picture).

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