Recent observations

St Pancras low res (1 of 1)

Autumn clouds billow over St Pancras


Autumn has arrived fully, no question. Our ride to school is littered with leaves and the skies constantly change from the Azure blue of a superb September to the asphalt grey of threatening clouds. I love it though, autumn’s gently sliding temperatures, fading foliage. muted colours and – of course – excitement at the start of the cross season (roadies make hay in the first few fixtures, while I quietly pray for testing courses and conditions). Give it a week or two of change and the fine summer of 2014 will be overlooked and forgotten, for in the UK, the weather really is only as good as the last kick of the ball.

Hide and seek (1 of 1)


Hide and seek

While standing on the platform at Cardiff Central Station, it struck me that the Millenium Stadium – with the arms of its masts poking out at both ends – appears to be playing the worst game of hide and seek ever. Travelling in a more relaxed manner allows your mind to pick up on the absurd.


sign vintage (1 of 1)


Bad practice

Some chastening words for Cardiff students (or rather 4 Cardiff students in particular). While waiting at the traffic lights at Park Place on Wednesday evening (by Cathays Terrace), I saw four students on bikes. Cyclist A (female) was nipping at speed along the pavement. Cyclist B (male) sailed straight through the red light and wiggled his way around oncoming traffic. Cyclist C (male) didn’t sport any bike lights. Cyclist D (female) sailed straight through the red light and didn’t sport any bike lights. Aside from the obvious safety implications of cycling through a stop light on a busy road / not being visible to other road users / making a nuisance of yourself to pedestrians, this type of thing paints cyclists in an extremely bad light and reinforces stereotypical thinking of the type favoured in Daily Wail articles. A few seconds at a stop light and a few quid on bike lights really can’t be too much of a penalty for the joy of using the finest type of transport, can it? To balance all of this, I also saw a car fly through a red light earlier the same day, witnessed lots of speeding over Gabalfa interchange and a whopping big 4 x 4 parked slapped dab in the middle of the pavement. So stand down petrol heads.

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