Danny Macaskill and the Cuillin Ridge


The best week of my life was spent around the coast of Northern Skye. A sea kayaking course organised by Glenmore Lodge took 5 paddlers around the ancient cliff faces. I watched a waterfall tumble 100 feet to the ocean, scattering thousands of droplets and forming a rainbow. I paddled into caves and felt the tide lift me up on a carpet of lions mane jellyfish. I traversed fast flowing inlets with an honour guard of seals. My biggest regret was leaving. My second, not returning.

Skye is a beautiful blend of the savage and serene. Tundra, mountain, moorland and coast. The prize for many is the Cuillin Ridge. A razor sharp outcrop of rock that pokes through drifting cloud and draws climbers, fell runners and walkers. It’s not for the faint hearted. Fancy taking a bike up there? Me neither.Danny Macsakill achieves two things in this stunning video; he provides a showcase for riding skills beyond most mortals and rekindles my desire to go North. See you soon Portree. I’ll be on the bike, but looking up, not looking down.

Stunning music by the late, great Martyn Bennett (added track at base). Gorgeous Cuillin Ridge abstract by Andrew Peutherer. Available to purchase from Scottish Landscape Paintings.


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  1. I’ve seen this video last night. I watched it twice sans the slow internet. It was amaze and the scenery was jaw dropping. I wonder if there’s a directors cut of this. Curious as to how many takes it took the fence jumping.

    • I bet it took a few attempts to get the jump that good. Previous D.M videos have been followed with out-takes (which are always fascinating). Not sure I’d fancy getting any of those stunts wrong! 🙂

      • About half way through it I was looking forwars to the out takes. I was disappointed if only to show my sons how difficult those stunts are and to show them how bloody good he really is…

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