Think British roads are dangerous?

Think British Roads are dangerous? Well they are, obviously. But spare a thought for cyclists in Buenos Aries. This disturbing footage captured by Canadian tourist Alexander Hennessy, gives you a little taste of what its like to be tracked on a motorbike by a gun wielding bag snatcher. Amazingly, Alexander hung on to his rucksack partly due to his inability to speak Spanish and partly due to being too shocked to think clearly. Argentinian Police collared the suspect a short while later.

I’m not a fan of strapping a camera onto your helmet to film everything on a regular basis – we live in a society that endures enough surveillance as it is – but on this occasion, the Go-Pro led to a positive outcome. I suspect its a very good job that our motorbike bandit had little idea that the small light shaped thingy strapped to Alexander’s helmet was filming the whole sequence in glorious HD.

Next week’s highlights brought to you by keen amateur cinematographers – Cyclist leaps from bike and wrestles a charging rhino to the ground after completing a 360 over a 300ft deep canyon and shaking fist at numpty driver 🙂

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