Nash point Lighthouse. “Far from the madding crowd”

There are a lot of distractions at the moment. Some good. Others  far less so. The Sun rose steadily in a cool Late August sky, encouraging me toward the road. There are rises and dips in the Vale that focus the mind on other things, like the Chaffinch that followed my wheel past the hedgerow and the high tide at Ogmore. Cycling is like that. It can be a world within a world, or a world away from a world. A passport to easing the mind.

This route prescribes an imperfect circle from the suburbs of Cardiff to the heritage coast and back. A route defined by country lanes and centuries old houses, sloping fields pocked with creamy white sheep and millennia old coastline. Looking at the sun glistening on a frothy tide reminds you of the bigger picture.

I afforded myself a brief luxury on Sunday – Nash Point lighthouse. There is little point in riding along this road for any other reason than soaking in the view; it terminates right in front of the lower West Tower structure (the East Tower about 60m away is 37m high). For over 150 years it was operated by a lighthouse man until the 20th century caught up with it in 1998. Now it goes about its business quietly, sequenced by logic gates and switches.

This is exactly why I rode out here – logic gates and switches. Or rather perspective and getting lost in at all, despite knowing precisely where you are.

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