Trail obstacles – The Self fulfilling prophecy



A few years ago, we were out riding a stretch of woodland. Twisty, turny, rooty. You know the type of thing. Well I knew this particular trail better than anyone having run the section many, many times. I also knew that slap dab in the middle is a tree that spreads its roots like the snakes on Medusa’s head.

The first couple of riders in our crew blazed through it without issue. I approached the tangle of wood. I Looked at it.

I Looked at it again.

I Stared at it.

Slammed into it.

Flew over the side of a leafy slope, hit two trees, broke one rib and landed in a heap.

Cue much hilarity and the type of sympathy only riding buddies can provide.

The moral of the tale – Think about it enough, and it’ll happen.

The image above has been produced to tease my training partners.

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