CameraZOOM-20140729140939167Funny what you spot on a bike, isn’t it? When you take just a touch longer to go about your thing. The devil, as they say, is in the detail (and you see sooo much more detail on a bike). Take this for instance – ‘Philosophy’.  I spotted this big poster and a tiny pot stacked up underneath it. Now I thought, that philosophy was the study of nature, self, existence. That it was the origins of rational thought, debate and argument. The basis of logic. The thing that connected Socrates, to Erasmus, to Satre, to Chomsky and all those capable of independent thought in between. But no. Wait! It’s actually an expensive cream for keeping your fleshy bits moist. Not that I think that we’re dumbing down or anything. Oh no.

Image from John Lewis store window. I didn’t buy any.


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