Hazmat Modine – The sound of the street

When I was at Cambridge folk festival last weekend, I was bowled over by a few things. It was civilised for a start. Perhaps less a music festival and more a manners festival played out to an accompanying soundtrack (which made a refreshing change). There were bikes everywhere. The approach to the festival had more in common with the start of a cycling event than a musical one, and consequently, I spent the weekend pining for some two wheeled activity (note to self: Take one next year). And then there was the music. Folk is a broad church and as you would expect, not all of it is to my taste. But with that much music on show, it isn’t long before you find a stack of new stuff to populate your CD shelves. My particular favourites were the Mississippi river boat Jazz and blues of Pokey Farage, the fusion of dance, guitar and traditional Western Isles folk of the Peatbog Faeries and the one of a kind NY city outfit Hazmat Modine.

Being ever so slightly in love with NYC, Hazmat Modine gripped my attention, transporting me the 3,455 miles from Cambridge to the melting pot streets of the Big Apple – a rich blend of instruments, cultures and ethnicity that is undeniably New York.  I really, really must go back soon.

NYC AND Cambridge, that is.

The 2015 Cambridge folk festival is 30th July to the 2nd August 2015. Bring a bike.

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