Get well soon

CameraZOOM-20140720142238977Just a quick post to say a huge ‘Get well soon’ to Jules Carter who suffered some rather nasty injuries in a caving accident last week. Jules and I have been doing long, miserable stuff together for over 10 years; running with a rucksack for 2 day mountain marathons, enduring the mud and sleep deprivation of 24hr mountain bike events, bouncing down the Yorkshire Dales in the three peaks and even occasionally – very occasionally – opting for non-miserable things like swanning around Berlin or Bath, beer in hand. After falling 40m and undergoing surgery, Jules is currently recovering in Montpellier with an excellent prognosis for a relatively quick recovery. It was a rather strange thing learning that Jules had suffered a nasty accident; he’s usually helping to patch me up after injury or crashes (Roubaix being one of many examples).

Get well soon Jules – we’ll be there to help with that recovery on return.

Image above: Jules taking pictures on Machen mountain 2 weeks ago.

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