In praise of………cyclepaths

TT sign (1 of 1)

For pedestrians, commuters (the human powered type), cyclists, runners, cyclists that run and runners that cycle (I am the former, but once was the latter), as this image conclusively proves, the Taff Trail is a pathway to heaven. Traffic free. Green. Airy. Gorgeous. We just need a few more like it…..


Image: Signpost in Whitchurch.

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  1. Moving to Munich from Sydney has been like arriving in cyclist heaven. The infrastructure here is amazing, and the mindset totally different to that in Sydney. Here, everyone who drives also cycles. There is no “us and them”.

    • I’m envious. The mindset you describe is our – and certainly my – aspiration for Cardiff. Despite being used to it, I still don’t fully understand the “us and them” mentally. Cities should be spaces where people can travel freely and safely. A car so often precludes both.

      Glad to hear that the capital of Bavaria is as good at cycling as it is at beer festivals! 🙂

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