Arise Sir Carlton

Carlton (1 of 1)

Courtesy of Craig and Cyclopaedia, my recently acquired Carlton is looking rather regal in its lovely new bar tape (you should have seen the previous stuff), upcycled gear shifters (gone are the nice bar end shifters that dated from the 90s) and lots of shiny new cables. It’s therefore official; I am now L’Eroica legal.

Next year L’Eroica UK, L’Ancienne (Lake District) and the Grand daddy of them all, L’Eroica in Tuscany, all beckon. Funny how as you get older retro stuff has greater appeal.

L’Eroica Britannia takes place in the Derbyshire Dales in Mid-June. L’Ancienne meanders around the Lakes in Mid-July. L’Eroica Tuscany trashes you over 120 miles of dirt road every October. If I make it, a 10 year old plan will be fulfilled. Top Image courtesy of Craig. Bottom image by Edouard Sepulchre. It’s not me. 



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  1. Great bike Simon. Inspires me to re-build my Dawes Atlantis that is in bits in the garage. Warning: Once you are “re-born” with friction shifting you will never want to use the clickers again, enjoy replacing the shifters on all your other bikes. Mass Load rack? That’ll have to go. A Pletscher is (less practical) but more period. And a triple chainring? On a ten (even if its got twelve its still ten) speed Carlton! Get to work young man, it’ll be lovely when its finished. Is that a Suntour race hub up front? Nice.

    • Thanks Geoff. I do sense a friction shifting ‘shift’ coming on. I used to love my thumbies on the mtb. Those other changes……I’m on it 🙂

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