Summer in the city

Sea view (1 of 1)

Summer in the city. But time to escape it, I think.

I love the bustle and the energy. Its frenetic, dizzying, feverish pace. I’m not sure these words always describe Cardiff. But they definitely don’t apply to the coastal spaces that spread West from the Bay like aftershocks from an earthquake.

When first light hits the Heritage coastline or Rhosilli or Manorbier or Little Haven or the Crags that watch over Barafundle Bay, its a different world. Worries dissipate. Calm descends. I don’t know about you, but I feel home here. It must be the lure (allure?) of the ocean. I was the first generation of my family that didn’t go to sea. I’ll never run a container ship laden with coal, the black gold of 19th century Wales. No Black and White images of me standing on a bleached San Francisco Bay in a charred boiler suit, forced smile, intense eyes. No tales of dental treatment in Saigon during the Vietnam war and hiding behind a jeep during a fierce firefight. I get to enjoy the sea for what it is, not for the living it provides.

I digress.

I think its time to escape and let those wheels spin with those views, that fresh air and that feeling. Have a nice weekend.

Top image: Someone has definitely got it right. A well loved bike overlooks Penarth (though it needs a much better lock)

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