More bike thefts – lets bang the drum

Another day, another theft. Another bike taken and yet more easy cash for the culprits. If you’ve ever had a bike stolen you know how it feels.

Not my budgie. At least I think it wasn't my Budgie. It was a long time ago.

Not my budgie. At least I think it wasn’t my Budgie. It was a long time ago.

When I was 7 years old, I left my Raleigh Budgie outside Adam’s front door. We were playing inside. When I came back it was gone. My father drove us around and around, searching the streets of Heath and Cathays. But we never found it. In 2003 I had an Orange Sub-5 full suspension mountain bike pinched from our shed in Llandaff North. I came out one morning, unlocked the shed and the discarded remains of the lock were left on the floor. These thieves new what they were doing; they’d removed and replaced the door hinges to get in.

Its a vile feeling.

So every time something is taken, let’s ensure that we rattle all the cages and make it hard to shift a second hand bike unless there’s bloody good evidence that its not nicked. To date, several of the bikes that have appeared on these pages have been recovered. So here’s details of the latest bike we want back.


If you’re from South Wales, you will undoubtedly be familiar with ILovestheDiff (and if you’re not, checkout  the website for a taste). Well Christian had his bike nicked yesterday. A bike that he’d recently had serviced, had enjoyed many an adventure on – including a fall under a London bus – and loved dearly. Let’s help him get it back. Details as follows:

Ridgeback comet

Please note: A representative image and not the actual bike stolen.


Ancient men’s silver Ridgeback comet. 9 speed shimano cassette, brand new tyres (Schwalbe Landcruisers, pictured), new cables; the evidence of a recent shop service.

You can bet the accessories are gone – check out Cardiff’s hedgerows – but the rest will be the same.

If you come across a bike matching this description in the small ads, online auction houses, pawn shops or offered one by the bloke in the pub (you know the one), then please get in touch either via e-mail ( or via twitter @IlovestheDiff @cyclestuffblog

Meanwhile……..Always satisfy yourself that you’re buying a legitimate bike. One means of checking is by visiting the  Check that Bike! website. If a bike feels like too good a bargain, you can almost certainly guarantee that it is.

Wherever possible, lock your rear wheel, front wheel and frame, using facilities that are within public and – where possible – CCTV view.

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  1. And also a big spate of parts being stolen as well. Brakes/suspension forks & complete handlebars with shifters still connected. A simple one for this, super glue in the Allen key head, makes it more frustrating to remove, so the toe rags may move on.

    And while you remember (LIKE DO IT NOW!), how many of you have cameras/phones with cameras or smart phones. Take a couple of pictures of it, there are some unique scratches or scuffs or parts you’ve fitted to it, which tells YOUR bike’s story. Take a photo of the frame number, come on how many of you actually have it? Or for that matter know where it’s located! Mostly under the Bottom Bracket or the Rear Drop Out’s stamped/etched or even bar coded sticker under lacquer. Keep it safe & I hope you don’t have to use it. It takes 5 minutes, you’ve wasted more time on SOCIAL MEDIA than it would take to do.!!??

    And this:

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