Congrats… Yorkshire

Grand depart

Well……it was the grandest of Grand Départs. Estimates have suggested that 5 million people lined the route; 2 million more people than the whole of Wales.. The Peloton wound from Leeds to Harrogate to Sheffield, showing off the best parts of the Yorkshire, at times if felt more Dordogne than Dales. London looked splendid of course, bringing back fond memories of London 2012, but I think few would argue that it was the land of ferret legging, the Brontë sisters, the Human League and the Three peaks Cyclocross, that stole the show.

Now that the Tour has finished with Blighty – for the time being at least – we can look forward to more pelotonic (can I blag that as a new word please?) fun sur le canal. I’m looking forward to Stage 5; the demonic world of French cobbles (Ypres / Arenberg Porte due Hainaut). I know what those b*ggers feel like.

Top image: Cycle art by Broad Creative. Visit their shop here.

Below: A well established fact (poster by me).

Paris Roubaix tarmac



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  1. Aye. It were reyt good 🙂

    I spent the weekend with friends up in Yorkshire, and watched the race on Sunday. The whole thing was amazing – the build up to it, the atmosphere on the day, the organisation, the cycling, the pride everyone had in Yorkshire. Brilliant! Coming back to reality today has been hard though.

    • Well done you. My father in law lives in Settle and I very nearly went up, chickening out on account of the traffic (once took me 8.5 hours to get back from the 3 peaks). The scenes on the TV were terrific. Yorkshire will bask in the glory for some time to come.

  2. it was a great couple of days – the road in grinton still has ‘paris’ with a big arrow chalked the entire width of the road but the memories will last after the road ‘art’ has long faded

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