Stolen: Pedal Power vehicles

Pedal power

From the Pedal power facebook pages:

Devastated that thieves stole 6 gokarts and a 4 seater pedal car from our site at the (Cardiff) Bay yesterday (29th June). We are all working so hard to keep the charity going – how can people be so mean?! Clearly targeted by heartless villains. If you saw anything suspicious (our vehicles being loaded onto a van for example) or if you see our vehicles anywhere, please let us know. It’s a real body blow and it’s going to be even harder to raise money with less vehicles to hire out. Please support us in any way you can – we need you more than ever. Thank you.

Absolutely disgraceful. These vehicles are owned and run by a bloody charity for heavens sake. They are also incredibly obvious. If you spot one – out and about, on ebay, en-route to a scrap metal merchant etc. – please contact South Wales Police (and also let Pedal Power know). The image above is of a 4 seat pedal car.

Pedal Power are a charity based in Cardiff that encourages and enables children and adults of all ages and abilities to experience the benefits of cycling. They strive to remove the barriers to cycling that many people face and work to a key set of values. You can contact Pedal Power on 029 2039 0713

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  1. Reblogged this on ezpcgoescycling and commented:
    Stuff like this really gets on my goat – thieves half inching hardworking material from charities that are scraping by themselves whilst working so hard to help others . Please look out for Pedal Powers equipment on Ebay , on the street etc and report to South Wales Police accordingly. Thanks ever so much!

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