Green spaces

city space 1 (1 of 1)

City centres. Don’t you hate them? Bricked up. Tarmacked. Blighted with boxes that belong in planning purgatory. Don’t you miss the space? Nowhere to move.  Or breathe. Or think. Or be.

city space 2 (1 of 1)

Don’t you hate the traffic? Bumper to bumper. Exhaust to Exhaust. Limping between red lights, watching precious moments spiral into history. Don’t you wish for paths, trails, rivers, oxygen, green space, liberation?

Banks of the Taff (1 of 1)

Well……those precious green spaces provide just that.

Images top to bottom: Llandaff Fields with the masts of the Millennium Stadium in the distance. The path that joins Pontcanna with Blackweir. The Banks of the Taff at Western Avenue.

Cardiff’s central green belt yesterday morning – ironically after dropping the car off to be serviced. Riding back on my folder gave the perfect juxtaposition.  Here’s to increased access to more #greenspaces 

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    • Thanks Amy. It’s the obvious question with the obvious answer isn’t it? I often feel if I could just take some of those drivers wedded to their cars and take them on my commute, they’d be swiftly convinced 🙂

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