Abandoned Part 32

Abandoned 32 (1 of 1)

We mortals are but shadows and dust. 

Shadows and dust!

Churchill Way, Cardiff. The words of Proximo (Gladiator) seem wholly appropriate as the rear derailleur casts a long shadow on this case of abandonment. Here is a first class lesson in how not to lock a bike; a cheap cable lock around the frame, that hasn’t even been passed through the front wheel. The owner has clearly given up on it, as the bike is slowly picked clean and disassembled. Over the length of its life, when you consider how much money a bike will save you over other modes of transport, it really is worth investing in at least one good lock.

Abandoned 32 part 2 (1 of 1)

Then using it properly.

Wherever possible, lock your rear wheel, front wheel and frame, using facilities that are within public and – where possible – CCTV view.

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If you come back to your bike to find it decimated by detritivores, please think about passing any unwanted bits to local social enterprises such as The Cardiff Cycle workshopThe Bristol Bike Project,  ReCycling (London), Bicycle recycling (Gosport) or The Bike Station (Glasgow). This is part of an ongoing series to highlight cycle security, abandoned and vandalised bikes. 

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