Recent thefts – Cardiff

Matts Ridley


Absolutely rife.

These images are of bikes all stolen in the last 10 days, in the Cardiff/Taffs Well area. Keep those eyes peeled on all the usual places these low-lives try to offload them. Remember; if a bargain looks to good to be true, it probably is too good to be true (and if you’ve had your bike nicked, never, ever, give up on having it returned. See here).

So… to bottom. Matt’s Ridley race bike stolen from Whitchurch. Details: Ridley Orion with a chip in the top tube and just below the bottle cage, distinct parts are – pink gear cables, – askium front wheel with random old turbo wheel on the rear that does not match the bike. Matt is a student and a talented team-mate at Cardiff JIF, missing the bike terribly. Who can blame him?

Leanne Pike’s folder. Unique. Only one in Cardiff probably. If you see it, its nicked.

Leanne's bike

Stock images of Andy’s Trek and Bianchi road bike, both stolen from Taffs Well on the weekend.  Details: Trek 6700 MTB, silver/blue, disc brakes, Bontrager wheels. The other is a Bianchi racing bike, sky blue, original saddle, 10-speed block. Andy is a rock when it comes to community events and it disappoints me greatly to see him victimised.


Andys Trek

Andy's Bianchi

Any sightings, please get in touch: 

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