The Bristol Print festival and handmade bikes

I love this excellent short film about the Bristol Print festival. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll have noticed the increasing dovetailing of cycling and art/literature. There are now some very beautiful publications – boneshaker, the ride journal – and some very talented artists twinning the use of the letterpress medium with cycle culture to great effect. The short video contains an interview with Nick Hand, author of the cycling travel odyssey ‘Conversations on the coast’ (more details on a previous blog post here).


Image via Road CC


Towards the end of the video Nick refers to Robin Mather, a framebuilder renowned for his handmade bikes, winning ‘best in show’ and the public vote prize at Bespoked in 2012 (I was there managing the Odoni-Elwell stand and drifting around the exhibition on my breaks – his Camponneur frame (above) was beautiful). Together Nick and Robin  have hatched a plan to fix a printing press to the rear of one of Robin’s cargo bikes and ride it to Mainz in Germany, where the letterpress as we know it was invented in the 15th century.  It sounds exactly the type of conversation we have in the pub most Thursdays. Sadly, whilst all of my mates would be willing to ride a handmade bike to Germany with a big lump of weight on the back, none of  them make bike frames.


Dynamo works


Fore more details about letterpress courses, details can be found on the letterpress collective’s website here.  Image above: Poster produced by the Dynamo Works Edinburgh. Posters can be purchased from their shop here. 


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