Modal choice – moving, reflecting, photography


From the fields (1 of 1)I’ve been forced onto other modes of transport recently. The train carries me from Cardiff to London. The car, from Cardiff to the Odoni-Elwell factory in Newport. I always feel slightly cheated, having been robbed of some time on the bike and the pleasure of making all of the journey under my own steam. Under these circumstances I do two things; Use the train to observe, reflect and plan. And when a car is involved, pop my folder in the boot and only use the car for the necessary* part of the journey.


Infrastructure (1 of 1)


Paddington (1 of 1)

These images form a sort of scrapbook of recent journeys.  Clouds billow across the Gwent levels. As wires and urbanity increase, London looms into view. The Victorian arches of the underground. A man lost in his thoughts at the NHM cafe. Mobile phones rule the world as two lovers take a Gloucester road selfie (note how almost all of the people in this image are using their phone). Posters inspired by Soviet-era art decorate the Paddington concourse. Images taken on a smartphone or on my Fujifilm, while travelling between venues by train or car, but never far from folding bike.

Cafe (1 of 1)



Mobile love (1 of 1)

Posters (1 of 1)

The bike can always form part of any overall transport strategy, releasing the potential of the transport network and giving an opportunity to exercise.  Train and bike is a particularly powerful combination that allows time for all sorts of things – reflection and photography amongst them – whilst benefiting from great efficacy.

Provided it all runs on time of course.

In the boot (1 of 1)


*I say ‘necessary’ as some journeys simply take too long when combining multiple modal choices. Above: My folder in the boot.

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