The voodoo doll



Voodoo 2 (1 of 1)

Somebody spotted it. I can’t remember who. I just remember where. And when. Nobody could forget a thing like that.

Is that…..

I…..I……Don’t know

It….It looks…..


We stood at some remove. Rooted to the spot. The object staring us down with an eyeless face, body language oozing menace, breaking us out in a cold sweat. Newport seems remote from Louisiana, but not today . Gavin arrived, smiled and stood next to us.

That’s the Robot, that is.

We stared at him. The penny was beginning to drop.

The Robot?


Not a Voodoo doll?

Errr…..No. Are we making voodoo doll scooter racks then?

Absolutely not. But boy or boy,  I’ve never seen a product packed by our powder coaters in a more spooky fashion. 🙂

Robot revealed (1 of 1)

The robot is one of a series of lazer cut cycle and scooter racks. It also lends itself to some pretty terrifying interim packaging. More here.

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