20 is the new 30

20 is the new 30 v2 (1 of 1)

Ninian Road, Roath, Cardiff.

20 is the new 30. Quite right too. Roath is a busy, vibrant neighbourhood, with parks, treelined streets, the sort of place where a child might dash out as a driver puts the pedal down. In the words of the temptations, It might be just my imagination running away with me, but it already feels just a little less hurried since the limit has tumbled. As I wandered along the fringes of Roath Park Rec on both Sunday evening and early Monday afternoon, I spotted neither boy racers giving the accelerator some welly (a park side weekend activity in some quarters), nor harassed city drivers racing to the next non-event.  If my anecdotal evidence holds water, then current and prospective cycle commuters through the city centre can now enjoy a more relaxed, comfortable and inviting experience. Lets hope this exercise is a success and rolled out to other parts of the city in the very near future. How about Whitchurch, Heath and Rhiwbina next? (creating a Central Cardiff commuting corridor).

20 mph zone

For more details, visit Keeping Cardiff Moving.

UPDATE: 3rd March 2015. A recent tweet with interesting stats.

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