Paris-Roubaix: Names and numbers

Pave light (1 of 1)

Troisvilles (97.5km – 2,200 m)
Viesly (104km – 1,800 m) 
Quiévy (106.5km – 3,700m) 
Saint-Python (111km – 1,500m) 
Solesmes (119.5km – 800m) 
Saulzoir (126km – 1,200m) 
Verchain-Maugré (130.5km – 1,600m) 
Quérénaing – Famars (135km – 1,200m) 
Monchaux-sur-Ecaillon (140.5km – 1,600m) 
Haveluy (153km – 2,500m) 
Trouée d’Arenberg (161.5km – 2,400m) 
Wallers – Hélesmes, aka “Pont Gibus” (167.5km – 1,600m)
Hornaing (174.5km – 3,700m) 
Warlaing – Brillon (182km – 2,400m) 
Tilloy – Sars-et-Rosières (185km – 2,400m) 
Beuvry-la-Forêt – Orchies (191.5km – 1,400m) 
Orchies (196.5km – 1,700m) 
Auchy-lez-Orchies – Bersée (202.5km – 2,700m) 
Mons-en-Pévèle (208km – 3,000m) 
Mérignies – Avelin (214km – 700m) 
Pont-Thibaut (217.5km – 1,400m) 
Templeuve – Moulin de Vertain (223.5km – 500 m) 
Cysoing – Bourghelles (230km – 1,300m) 
Bourghelles – Wannehain (232.5km – 1,100m) 
Camphin-en-Pévèle (237km – 1,800m) 
Le Carrefour de l’Arbre (240km – 2,100m) 
Gruson (242km – 1,100m) 
Hem (249km – 1,400m) 
Roubaix (256km – 300m) 

They’re just names and numbers, right? Surely they can’t hurt that much? Not that much. The staccato thud of  cobble after cobble after cobble. The race to the narrow strip that separates field from pavé and comfort from pain. The on/off torture of repeated cobbled hauntings. Apparently these are proper cobbles. Lumps like Hovis loaves, standing proud from the tin. Not like the ones in Flanders. They’re beginners cobbles. Apparently. And I remember them only too well. Thank goodness its only 170km then. A brief sojourn through the bread basket.

Pave reflect 2 (1 of 1)

We’re off to complete the Paris-Sportive sportive on Saturday and watch the pro-race on Sunday. There may be some restoratives involved. Images from our only Cardiffian section of pavé; a 60 yard lane in the city centre.

Pave B&W (1 of 1)

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  1. Good luck, am sure you will enjoy no matter what the endurance, if it was easy, i’m sure you wouldn’t bother. Have a great time and I hope you have time to take photos and add some of your thoughts for the blog..

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