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I love cycling into work in the murk and the fog. It’s a rare treat. Murk. That seems an unfair description. The word may describe the visual possibilities, but fails to convey atmosphere.The conditions largely slow down overconfident, swift moving traffic. Headlights wink like distant stars and emerging shapes mould themselves into familiar forms. The damp, still air lends the ride an eerie atmosphere. These are conditions you can truly get lost in (on all sorts of levels). Perhaps most surprising today was the number of cycle commuters; we were everywhere. 

Top image: Music, e-mails or navigation? A commuter strolls through a foggy Blackweir.

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  1. Reblogged this on Kitesurf Bike rambling and commented:
    Cycling in the Murk – or drench weather as the Scots would say …

    Definition of dreich in English:
    Line breaks: dreich
    Pronunciation: /driːx /

    (Especially of weather) dreary; bleak:
    a cold, dreich early April day

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