Chronological age v Cyclo-logical age

mission burrito-0564

Today I saw the phrase: “Chronological age”.

Chron-o-logical age.

I know what it means, of course:

chronological age

n. Abbr. CA

The number of years a person has lived, used especially in psychometrics as a standard against which certain variables, such as behavior and intelligence, are measured.
I thought about this for some time and realised that for some of us, there is a dichotomy between the first two parts of that definition; “The number of years a person has lived” v “A standard against which certain variables, such as behavior and intelligence, are measured”. Let me explain.
I’m 43 years old. Ostenibly middle-aged (if you take “middle age” as a mathematical representation rather than the more modern interpretation of a commentary on mindset). Yet my chronological age is definitely at odds with what I now realise is a ‘cyclo-logical age’. You may be in the same position. My cyclo-logical age is 33 years younger than my chronological age.  Let me make the case:
  • I would rather bounce across the grass on my cross-bike to work,  than sit behind the wheel of my comfortable, heated and radioed-up car. Any car in fact. Including yours.
  • I race my daughter to her school while providing a BBC style commentary on the race: “And….AND……She’s got it on the line!” etc. etc.
  • I loudly exclaimed ‘Phwoar!’ when I spotted a beach specific bike manufactured by Koga, in the event village at Battle on the Beach.
  • I had a skateboard for Christmas.
  • When Luke Rowe of Team Sky attended our kids club Christmas party, armed with Team Sky goodies,  I hungrily grabbed stickers bearing the badge of classic races. It was just like collecting Star Wars stickers back in ’77.
  • When I ride back from the pub with my cycling buddies, it resembles a scene from ET.
  • I love the bright red saddle cover from mission burrito and want one urgently. If it means saving lots of tokens, sending off with an SAE and waiting a further 6 weeks, I’ll do it.
  • I have a ridiculous amount of t-shirts depicting a picture of a bike.
  • As a wide eyed observer, bike polo/bmxing seems to be a better way of using a table tennis court/city plaza
So……My cyclo-logical age must be around 10 (or at a push 12). If you harness similar thoughts, feelings or general reluctance to learn how to tie a windsor knot or tidy your bedroom – you almost certainly do, too.
Good on  you.
It’s international UN day of happiness. Ride a bike. Smile lots.

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  1. Sigh – guilty as charged. And totally backed by the person who suffers from this the most who wondered why I was laughing out loud.

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