Abandoned Part 27

Aband part 27

So what happened to you? 

<Silence. A tumbleweed crisp packet blows along the pavement>

You’ve lost your components, your voice, your soul.

<Nothing. This bike is a spent force>

Maybe you’ll be resurrected. Reinigorated. Restored. Refreshed. 

<Nil. Zero. No more>

This bike has fully lost its voice and been pillaged to the full on a busy(ish) street in Central London (below). Let’s hope it find’s its way into the hands of ReCycling.

Cabendish Sq

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If you come back to your bike to find it decimated by detritivores, please think about passing any unwanted bits to local social enterprises such as The Cardiff Cycle workshopThe Bristol Bike Project,  ReCycling (London), Bicycle recycling (Gosport) or The Bike Station (Glasgow). This is part of an ongoing series to highlight cycle security, abandoned and vandalised bikes. 

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