How not to lock a bike

Condor 1

Picture taken yesterday, somewhere in South Wales.

This is a prime example of how not to lock your bike. Secured with a flimsy cable lock, this attractive Condor race frame is a magnet for would be thieves. I’m rather hoping that its a police ruse to encourage, track and capture bike thieves, but I  think not; it bears the hallmarks of a hipster’s ride.

Always lock your bike with a good quality ‘D’ lock or a heavy duty chain and padlock. Alternatively, secure your bike with a flimsy cable lock to a large, underfed polar bear. The one below is waving at a rapidly retreating n’er do well.

Polar Bear

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    • Very true, though the key is to reduce the capacity for a metal object to be pushed into the gaps (basically get as much of the bike and stand as you can) and to get a good, high strength ‘D’ lock rather than a cheapo.

      However, the underfed polar bear is by far the best option and I’m now offering a fleet of them which I lease at very competitive rates 🙂

    • Forewarned is forearmed – there’s some rotton eggs out there.

      That’s one of the nice things about running; another pursuit that allows you to observe more.

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