Why race?

Go race-1744

On Saturday it was Round 2 of the Go Ride MTB series organised by Maindy Flyers. The weather was good – marvellous by recent standards – the organisation was nice and low key, the kids were keen and parents, siblings and family friends turned up in numbers to support. In short – an ideal way to spend a February Saturday morning.

Whilst adults were racing later, the loci of my attention were the kids races. Evelyn – my little girl – was racing in the U8s and a stack of kids from our club were competing in groups up to U16. Marshalling at a technical section, I was impressed by the skills and courage of the kids. None shied away from the challenge of the descent and there were race faces and broad smiles in equivalent numbers.

The kids raced.

And raced.

And raced.

So how did our Jiffies do? A 1,2, 3 for the girls in the U8s. Jack won the U10s, Tom the U16s. A great day for our youth element. But the thing that really pleased me the most? (and I mean really pleased me?) I asked Evelyn what she enjoyed the most about spending the morning at the race. I was expecting ‘playing’, ‘coming second’, or ‘jumping in the mud’. She gave it some thought.

She screwed up her face.

She thought some more.

Then she answered:

……….Everyone trying, Daddy. 

Straight from the mouths of babes.

More words, pictures and details of the race can be found here courtesy of Tongwynlais.com

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