The ravages of rain

Bike bars shadows

So…..I’m riding along and it’s like pedal, pedal, spin, pedal, pedal, spin. And I’m wondering ‘what the hell is going on?’ I stop and check out the drive train. All good except the surface rust and the grime and the muck and the gunged up grease. But… its all still working. Then I suss it. The penny drops. The freewheel! Darn that component. But this little look down causes a wider assessment. Streaks of rust running along the head tube? Never seen that before. The Brooks saddle spreading its wings like a giant moth? Brake pads worn down to the metal? There can only be one answer:


Or maybe two answers:

Rain and more bloody rain.

More truthfully…..its three answers:

Rain, more bloody rain and neglect.

I’ve been getting home so wet, that I’ve not been stabling my bike properly.

So today, its back to my cross bike, my race weapon of choice and get out of jail free card. Thank heavens for small mercies (and available Giant cross bikes). Note to self: No matter how tired you are, sort your bike out.

Cyclopaedia get ready……I’m on my way in.

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  1. I must admit that I am compulsive in terms of looking after my bike. If I have been out in the rain then the bike gets dried with an old towel and sprayed thoroughly with WD40/GT85 even before I have taken my cycling shoes off (have to take waterproofs off to avoid dripping back on the bike). Only after the bike has been seen to do I consider getting a shower and changing into dry clothes.

    With all the cycling accidents that have been reported recently, I have come to believe that my life might depend on the efficiency of my bike so I look after it better than myself.

    Finally, after cleaning myself I return to oil the bike (especially the chain) and to check whether it is so dirty as to require washing before I go out on it again.

    I must admit that I have been tempted to take shortcuts when I have been really wet and cold but, so far, I have managed to resist the temptation.

    Only a few weeks now till the (drier?) Spring and Summer months!

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