The need for speed

St James Park Runner-2112

I feel the need…….the need for speed

A corny line in a corny film. I feel the need. Not the speed of fighter planes or 16v engines, but HPS: Human Powered Speed. Wind in your hair, rippling your cheeks, billowing your clothes. Speed stoked from the coals within, fires fuelled by tea and toast and coffee and cake. Excuse the pun, but the wet weather has put such a dampener on everything. Its hard to propel yourself into driving rain. I saw the woman above running through St James Park in London. She reminded me of that feeling of outdoor freedom, best summed up in a few simple words: Blissful sedentary liberation. At the time I was perched on a bench clasping a surfeit of luggage, headed back to Cardiff and could not do damn thing about it. Today I’m armed with my cross bike, headed for the barrage and planning to cast off the shackles of a squelchy, torpid winter. I feel the need. The need for speed.

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  1. Love the feeling of zipping down Welsh mountain passes, doing over 40mph with minimal effort and with the right wind you’ll be doing 50mph just by soft pedaling! No hairpin bends to slow you down, just 10 minutes and 6 miles of whooshing by with a smile on your face.

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