Cycling around the dock of the bay

Roald Dahl Pass 2-1930

The sun finally came out. Fully. Extensively. Showering the soggy fields that surround the city and peppering the streets with champagne light. It felt like a rare treat. One hour of slowly meandering from my office in Cardiff’s industrial heartland, resulted in photographic opportunities, a pleasant amble on the bike and a little more urban exploration (albeit of the above board type).

Roald Dahl Plass 1-1926

There’s something about the gorgeous open spaces of Cardiff Bay that draws me back especially when its quiet. The light swaggers in long shadows, whilst cotton wool clouds drift care free, observing from above.


Sitting at the dock of the bay? Cycling at the dock of the bay? Snapping at the dock of the bay? All three I guess. Enjoy it whilst it lasts. We’re back to the vagaries of the gulf stream tomorrow.

Chain and water-1941

Images top to bottom – Roald Dahl Plass and Millenium centre, Roald Dahl Plass and The Pierhead building,The ‘mothership’ spectre of the Millenium Centre hovers above, chain barrier at the water edge.

Below: Pierhead building framed by the laser cuts of the merchant navy memorial.

Through the hole-1962

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  1. i have the luxury of living in central coast of california about 220 miles north from los angeles, I’m am privileged to ride over 300 days a year, when it does rain here the riders suit up like its an arctic storm, love your blog and always a good read

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