The reason

Bike wheel-

The Swollen Taff eyes more riverbank.

At Gwaleod-Y-Garth, a small group of walkers chat animatedly. Wood smoke empties from chimneys.

The road to Treforest doesn’t match that description.

On the climb to the moor, a buzzard lands 30 ft from me; confident behind a farm fence.

Senghynnedd Moor; the aim, the prize, the reason.

Mist clouds the river. In the channel, Steepholm stands proud. Devon’s cliffs gaze across. The sky a deep blue.

The second climb. Caerphilly mountain. Temporary traffic lights an unwelcome sight. A grind proper.

An unexpected conversation; miles from home my brother yomps upward, legs pumping, hands clasping his Christmas present; walking poles. We talk briefly.

Fforest Fawr. Its road now a waterfall, torrents snaking toward the castle’s gates.

Taff Trail. Runners. Bikes. Families. Returning wanderers.

Pick any reason you like.

Bike wheel by me.

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