New Year resolutions

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Apparently, if you write down your goals you are more likely to achieve them. Fine. I’m gonna put that to the test. Here are my new years resolutions, forged at the neck of a bottle of Chimay and captured with the magic of marker pen and cardboard. So here goes.

Invest in that single speed 29er to make those 1.5hour windows really count.

Not shy away from the Sufferfest turbo session ‘Revolver’

Make sure I keep the above resolution (I hate that bloody session, but need more speed)

Finish Paris-Roubaix with all my teeth intact.

Do at least one 24 hour mountain bike race this year with close buddies (and maybe two).

Remember not to get too ratty with numpty drivers.

Remember to be very nice with nice drivers

Remember to be very patient with nice, numpty drivers.

Campaign and lobby for our two wheeled lot with a smile and a “isn’t our way just that little bit better?” demeanour.

Back at least 2 social bike projects.

Organise a charity cyclo-cross race (there are plans afoot…)

Do my cyclo-cross level 2 coaching course.

Ride more.

Ride more…..Ride more…..

Ride more…..Ride more…………Ride more………

<ad infinitum>

What about you?

Very best wishes for 2014. Image via Notes from the basement.

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  1. Would this race your organising have anything to do with that closed road up Caerphilly Mtn? I think about the possibility of a hill climb every time I go up it, sounds great either way.

    • Thank you for your steadfast support John. Next year’s resolutions – enter a downhill on a penny farthing and hook up a bike to ride backwards 🙂

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