Urban Exploration – When industry moves on

The mothership (1 of 1)

What happens when industry moves on?

Light streams through rooflights and high windows, an empty mothership save for some bottles, a fire extinguisher and occasional detritus. Periodically the wind whistles through steel cavities, but on the whole this unit is silent and eerie. A vacuum subsumes buildings that once housed so much human activity.  My folder awaits, tucked away quietly. An escape vehicle readily and waiting.

I hope this building sees productive life again. Its present however, remains rooted in its past. Modern archaeology for urban explorers.

Bottle (1 of 1)

A discarded bottle. 97p from the local convenience shop.

Smoking face (1 of 1)

The windows and arrangements appear to create a face. Isn’t it amazing how swiftly we anthropomorphise objects?

crane (1 of 1)

No wit in the graffiti straddling the width of a giant crane.

Escape (1 of 1)

Time to beat a retreat.

Location:  The Western side of the UK.

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