Lost sole

No sole 2 (1 of 1)

So I’m happily racing right, when I come up to the hurdles. Hop that? In this mud? At this speed? Nah. It’s not going to happen. So I flick my leg out and prepare to hop off. But I’m not doing that either. I’m stuck like glue to my pedals  This is going to be ugly. Or at least muddy. So down I go, much to my shock and the fella on my wheel. I slide like JT across the dance floor in Saturday night fever. This goes on and at the next hill, same sorta thing. But this time I’m ready and do a big ole swing with my leg. It’s sticky, but it comes unstuck. Next time, not so lucky. More sliding, more dance floors. And so it goes. Stuck in, fall over, slide/stuck in, wrench, hop off. Right up until the bottom of my shoe gets new ventilation when the bottom  rips off. I ride for ¾ of a lap with part of the shoe still attached, swop bikes and use the gaping hole as a means of inserting the pedal. My foot hurts and my head’s gone down a bit, but the spare bike is my favourite. I get into it, I ride the last 2 laps and have a good finish. Shame about the whole being stuck, sliding around, pushing your bare foot on the pedals thing. It dragged me down a little. ‘Yeah’ says Craig. ‘He lost his sole’.

Boom Boom.

The post race discussion went something like that. I now have new shoes.

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