Welsh Cross season under way

cyclo cross Llantarnam

What a start to the Welsh Cross season. The weather was kind. The kids races were bursting at the seams. The senior race saw 140 riders toeing the start line (a contender for ‘record field in a Welsh cross league race’). The competition was superb with top flight cross racers and grizzled veterans squaring up. Whilst the course was a natural blend of the rough and the smooth.

However I’ll remember this race not for those reasons, but rather the club spirit on display. Members came out in numbers, baking cakes, manning the registration desk, setting up the course, marshalling and supporting kids and adults alike. The children ran around, in their element; riding their bikes, playing tag, pulling cartwheels, taking down the course and – crucially – being a part of a great big community endeavour. In our society where apathy often reigns supreme, what price can you put on that?

The Welsh cyclo-cross league has fixtures in South, West and Mid-Wales from September through to December. Many thanks to all the Cardiff JIF members who contributed their time and efforts and also to Thom Hadfield for the generous donation of Lucozade  (largely consumed by exhausted kids!).

Image from Llantarnam Cross in 2011 via the Welsh cyclo-cross league pages. I didn’t get around to taking some of my own (chores eh?).

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    • Thanks Mike, though I hasten to add that I didn’t take that one (sadly!). I was far too busy cycling like a loon during the race 🙂

      Thanks for the tip off about the blogs. The All seasons site is very good and I look forward to discovering the remainder.

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